Pisces Sun Taurus Rising

Sturdy Taurus’ steady-as-you-go practicality and good taste are a fine complement to delicate Pisces’ idealism. Taurus, the Banker, brings quality, focus, and determination to Pisceans’ wondrous ways. Plus, their mid-morning birth gives these folks a vision for tomorrow, so with Pisces’ vivid imagination and Taurus’ focus there’s an ability to set goals and accomplish them.

Pisceans with Taurus rising might still be soft-spoken, but a Taurus personality equips them to speak up if they’ve a contribution to make. Bullish Taurus doesn’t do much “shrinking violet.” And Taurus’ materialism gives these people a greater appetite for earthly comforts. There’s a tastefulness here, and a love for the material, that looks for—and revels in—goods and merchandise of higher quality. These people usually have a rather dignified demeanor. But they’re genuinely kind and generous. They willingly share with others, and when they meet with financial success—as they often do—their Pisces Florence Nightingale fuels a philanthropic spirit that makes them much beloved benefactors. And their methods of attaining success might look amazingly easy to the casual onlooker. Taurus’ powerful ability to attract people, things, and opportunity is alive and well here, coupled with Pisces’ fascinating concepts. Remember, Pisceans are masters of illusion. They might seem to be way out in front, pushing for their agenda, when in fact it’s their “keep it simple” shrewdness in the back room that cements the deal.

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