Progressed Moon in 1st House

The purpose of the first-house progression is to test those new wings. You are crafting a new self and learning how to use that self in new situations. It’s quite likely that you are not sure where you’re going yet, but even if you do have a sense of your new direction, that doesn’t mean you know how exactly to proceed or what to expect. Aimless and untethered, your job is to feel your way forward, so you can begin to have a sense of trust and faith in yourself, even if it’s all you’ve got.

Now you are learning initiation and self-direction. Sometimes the Universe gives us little nudges or signs to help us know what’s right for us, but during this time, the Universe steps back because it’s about you stepping up to the plate. During a twelfth-house progression, you were clearing the way (or having it cleared for you) so that you could simplify your life, get a clearer focus, and get in touch with a more authentic set of priorities. Now it’s time to act on those priorities, even if you’re not sure about the method. Do not wait for the script, because it’s not coming.

It’s not uncommon to think about questions of relationship at this time, even if only in a secondary sense. While self, not relationship, is the focus of this progression, these are two ideas that bal ance on a fulcrum. Many things in your life might be preventing you from focusing on yourself in needful ways, but our obligations to the people in our lives can easily get out of balance. By default, you might encounter some fallout in your relationships as you shift more of the balance in your life to include activities that enhance and build on a healthy sense of self. Don’t be excessively selfish, but do try and remember that your life still belongs to you. You are good to the people in your life because you want them to continue to be in your life. That needs to come from a desire within, initiated by choice, rather than forced obligation. That’s why the twelfth-house progression was about clearing the way, so that you could shift your priorities. Now it’s time to act on those new priorities.

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