Progressed Moon in 10th House

To “follow your bliss” is essentially about the pursuit of happiness, something the astrological Moon knows all about. During a tenthhouse progression, you are asked to consider what it is that you feel you were born for, what you were meant to do, what you might say is your calling. Steven Forrest calls this your “cosmic job description.” It’s not about thinking in terms of what kind of job you are qualified to get, but what kind of work you long to do, even if it meant doing it for free.

You also need to consider the roles you find yourself serving. It’s time to consider whether they are in alignment with who you are becoming. What may have been a perfect fit five or ten years ago can feel confining and outdated now. What you think you should do or be because of your age, gender, or background is not necessarily what your authentic self wants. If you have been “faking it” for any reason, that will press heavily on your heart now.

Status can sneakily become the reason for the work, rather than a bonus of the work. When achieving a certain status is the motivator, we are vulnerable to going very far down the wrong road for us. The hunger to feel special can drive us to feel extra competitive, or to be focused on “getting ahead,” or getting our due. This is not a moral judgment on the evils of pride, only a warning that others’ appreciation is an empty substitute for bliss. But when we follow our bliss, we are simply doing what makes us happy, what we feel like we were born to do. Even if there are people doing the same things we are doing, we don’t feel like we have to trump them or compete with them and, even better, we don’t become obsessed with keeping that status, we’re just obsessed with doing what we love and are meant to do.

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