Progressed Moon in 12th House

While a butterfly is in its larval stage, it is known as a caterpillar. The primary activity of a caterpillar is eating. Along the way it grows larger in size and essentially does something akin to shedding skin or molting to accommodate its growth. When it is ready to enter the chrysalis (what many people think of as a cocoon), it goes in search of an appropriate place to do so. Once there, it anchors itself and the chrysalis grows around it. While inside the chrysalis, the body of the larva is broken down and mostly dissolved. As the old cells die, the new cells are formed from the dead cells’ nutrients.

All you have learned over the last couple of years or even over the entirety of your life so far has served to nourish you and promote your growth. You have been consuming and gathering experiences, and now the cocoon awaits. In a twelfth-house progression, you are being asked to realize that all your experiences have now served their purpose. As you enter this stage of metamorphosis, you digest what these experiences have taught you. You will be what a friend once called “butterfly soup”: a substance that is neither caterpillar nor butterfly but something in between, as you let go of old lives and let their experiences nourish and form your new wings.”

Letting go is the purpose here, as you surrender and trust the process of living. The challenge is to have faith that you will not lose anything that you truly need but only things that stand in your way. We all become accustomed to our baggage, even if it’s burdensome, but sometimes life loses our luggage on the flight and we are asked to begin anew. This progression is a time to get your spiritual priorities in order, to remember what is truly important to you, and to gain clarity as you clear away the things that were interfering with your growth.

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