Progressed Moon in 4th House

The purpose behind any home or family issues that arise will be extensions of one idea: a need to explore what lies within. This exploration will usually take us back to the beginning, back “home” in some way, figuratively and often literally. Like the foundation that supports a home, your foundation, where you come from, has been what you’ve built yourself and your life on, and it’s during this time that deep thoughts, feelings, and experiences arise to help you see that foundation, and assess its health, in many ways. Now is the time to revisit what you’ve built your life on. If your progressed Moon is currently in an air sign, you might find talking or writing is a rewarding way to do this, whereas an earth sign might have you needing to do something tangible to engage with your family or your home such as visiting with family or working on your house. Regardless of your chosen method, you have this hunger to know where you come from and the part it has had in shaping your life.

Exploring ties to your family or to your childhood home, as well as you current home, is simply a way to engage your awareness in remembrance of your past. How you do this will be up to you; you may very well not see your family or visit your childhood home, but you have come to a point in your evolution where there is a need to realize and either embrace the gifts from your heritage, from deep within you which are a part of you, or let go of toxic family patterns so you can see your path more clearly, and see yourself more clearly. It is in the fourth-house progression that we tend to our roots so we can grow upward. So what is your life built on? Sometimes you can’t go forward until you go back to the beginning.

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