Progressed Moon in 5th House

Having fun is, well, fun. Obviously it’s very enjoyable to be able to spend our time doing something that we like to do, and during this progression you are certainly encouraged to simply have more fun. With so much emphasis on work and productivity, pleasure is a gift that we don’t take advantage of as often as we’d like to, and perhaps should. We tend to focus on doing things for fun as a sort of “extra” bonus if we’re good boys and girls; like after we’ve cleaned the house, done our work, paid our bills, and brushed our teeth, we can do something fun for twenty minutes. But during this progression, you are challenged to see and embrace the critical role that fun plays in a healthy life. Doing fun things helps us to find the strength and willpower to do the things in our lives that need doing even if they’re not so fun. When we continually draw on our resources without replenishing them, our light gets smaller and smaller and threatens to go out.

There’s a difference between lighthearted fun and deep joy, although both are on the menu during this progression. Regardless of the sign you may have on your fifth house cusp, the fifth house often correlates with the energy of the Sun. The Sun shines. It sends heat and light outward in all directions. What do you naturally and spontaneously love? Your art? A hobby? Friends? Spirituality? Travel? Learning? Whatever it is that “lights” you up, you are asked to take it seriously at this time, not as something superfluous or compartmentalized, to be enjoyed when you have vacation time saved up, but as part of your fundamental life force.

Learn to recognize when you are holding back, when you want to play and laugh and share your ideas or your creativity, but don’t, out of habit or out of lack of confidence, or just plain fear. In some ways you are learning confidence during this progression, mostly because you are asked to bypass some of the protective behaviors that we have maintained ever since we learned that not everyone will think we’re so great. You’re asked to just let it rip! Spontaneous expression is without forethought and without hesitation and your heart is ready to let all that just fall away.

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