Progressed Moon in 6th House

Days become months. Months become years. Years add up to an entire life, at the end of which you probably hope to be able to look back with pride, satisfaction, and gratitude. What you do every day leads to and creates the rest of your life. During a sixth-house progression, you may find yourself busier and having to meet more demands, but the true objective here is to be able to provide yourself with a satisfactory answer to this question at the end of the sixth-house progression: what do you invest your time and effort in every day and why? If it’s a question of your job, the answer “to earn money to live” will not be satisfactory. Not all of us are lucky enough to be doing a job that we’d be willing to do even if we weren’t paid to do it, but thinking in terms like that can get you started on the right track during this progression. What would you be doing every day if you were free to do it?

Engaging in meaningful work is the focus of this progression, and that includes getting honest with yourself about what that kind of work would look like. The sign that your progressed Moon is currently traveling through will give you clues as to what kind of work and work environment will suit you best. If you feel passionate about your work, you may be inspired to make even greater progress in it. If you are not, you will feel acute dissatisfaction now, because this progression asks you to do something about it. Whether you need to consider an entirely different job or career, or simply do something about your working environment, it’s time to make the effort.

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