Progressed Moon in 9th House

While most of us may not be inclined to put “Philosopher” and “Great Thinker” on our resumes like Socrates, Nietzsche, or Sartre could, we all have a basic philosophy of life, a framework of beliefs that we operate within as we live our lives and make choices every day. The ninth house has been called by many names, one of which is the house of religion, and indeed, religion can be a source of our philosophy of life. But the deeper meaning of the ninth house is not so much the rules and rituals of our lives as it is the “whys” behind why we do what we do, or believe what we believe. During this progression, you will discover what you believe to be true, whether it’s about how life works, how to live a good or right life, or beliefs about certain types of people or places. You’re invited to consider how these beliefs shape your life, for better and worse, and if for worse, how your life might open up if you let go of a belief that is not serving your soul’s growth.

Many people feel restless as they enter their ninth-house progression. Responding to the urge to move prevents the sort of deep soul boredom that you need to deal with and change now. Simply by changing our routine, we invite new experiences and new potentials into our life, which gets us seeing a bigger picture than our narrow corner of the world. But it’s our perspective that needs to change most of all. If you are more inclined to process information through mental analysis, you might start thinking of the overall structure in your life, like the unspoken agreements you’ve made with the Universe or the mindsets and fixed beliefs that you operate under. If your progressed Moon is currently in a water or fire sign while traversing the ninth house, you may encounter people and situations that are foreign to your way of thinking or your base culture.

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