Progressed Moon in Leo

As always, after experiencing a long period of internal focus, there is a growing desire to burst forth as this progression begins. Even if your progressed Moon is traveling through one of the inner-focused water houses such as the fourth, eighth, or twelfth, you will still start to feel warmth expanding from you. The Cancerian shell that once protected you and felt ever-so-cozy can start feeling confining and boring. Now you may start to feel more playful, like you want to be free to be silly and just be yourself without worrying about what others think. Where you may have wanted to hide a little before, now you want to show and tell about who you are. That doesn’t mean that it’s an easier or more natural process for you than usual, depending on your personality, but that the hunger to do so increases. How you respond to that hunger is up to you.

In many ways, you can find yourself asking, “What about me? Does anyone see me or care what I can contribute?” A need to get the attention you deserve arises, but if you’re someone who’s not comfortable asking for what you want or if you’ve been neglecting yourself, you can find that months or years of starvation in a certain area of your life suddenly seems to be coming to the surface. The house that your progressed Moon is currently in can tell you where in your life that attention and appreciation will need to come from. Do you need to feel your mate’s love and attention a little more or in more demonstrative ways? Do you need to feel like your contribution at work is recognized? This area of your life is one where holding back out of politeness or out of a fear of others’ response to you will feel especially tiresome.

The Leo passage is about learning that ego is not a dirty word, and that having an ego doesn’t mean you have to be a prima donna. Like the Sun needs to shine just because that’s what it does and what comes naturally to it, so do we. When we try to get attention, we feel awkward and needy, and that’s not what this passage is about. The things that make you who you are will shine now. Other people will see that shine, and that’s okay. Your heart is craving the freedom to collect the praise and ignore the jealous comments, without letting either stop you from being who you are.

Read complete description in Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

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