Progressed Moon in Libra

The prior Virgo progression may have left your hands dirty from all the hard work, so it’s time to clean up! While it can depend on the house your progressed Moon is moving through now, many people experience a desire to reinvest in their personal appearance as this progression warms up. Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet representing the human desire for love and beauty, so you may begin to pay more attention to your appearance, as well as noticing your surroundings more regularly and feeling appreciation when it’s clear that extra care has been taken to beautify them. Many people have also noticed a creative awakening during this time, whether it’s the desire to create artistically themselves and/or simply a desire to immerse themselves in experiences of cultural arts such as musical or theatrical performances. All of these examples are ways to bring beauty into our lives, which can help us feel a sense of contentment.

The symbol for Libra is the scales, and Libran scales feel most comfortable in a state of balance. The images in art and sculpture of the Goddess of justice show her holding scales and blindfolded as a symbol of impartiality. This is one example of the principle of balance, the balance between ideas without bias of one’s own perception. In the decision-making process, for another example, we “weigh our options,” considering one point of view and then the other. During the Libra Moon progression, you are learning the process of balance: how to really achieve it, and how to recognize when you don’t have it.

Internal balance is also something you are learning. The current house through which your progressed Moon is traveling will tell you what area of your life will help you work out this sense of balance as well as what area of your life may be most likely to implode if you don’t. While going through your sixth house, you might be learning to balance your work life, whether it’s the workload or personnel issues. While going through your fourth house, issues of harmony in the home and whether your home is nurturing to you or in chaos. The first house might have you bringing yourself into balance, such as your literal physical health or appearance or making room to take better care of your own needs in your life.

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