Progressed Moon in Pisces

Depending on how accustomed you are to Piscean energy already, you may start to think you’re going a bit crazy as you enter this progression! It’s very likely that these “symptoms” may arise as a side effect of the fairy world calling to you. Some people find themselves deliciously imaginative and creative, while other people find they are frustrated by feeling foggy and confused. In truth, all of those possibilities are accessible during this time; it simply depends on how willing you are to surrender to what calls you.

Sensitivity has a plus side, of course. Finding yourself in a state of heightened awareness enhances all processes that are of a creative, inspirational, or spiritual nature (and by spiritual, I mean of the spirit, as opposed to religious). If you do any kind of creative work or hobbies, you might get a boost there. Whatever the particular effect, the house through which your progressed Moon in Pisces is currently passing will tell you what area of your life needs an inspiration infusion.

Sometimes pop astrology can make Pisces sound so lofty with all the references to spirituality. While a face of Pisces can certainly be reflected in the compassion and giving nature of someone like Mother Theresa,10 spirituality simply means of the spirit. Spirituality can be anything that shifts your awareness from the flat dimensions of material motivations alone to the mystical part of life, which could range from reacquainting yourself with your sense of divinity or god to simply losing yourself in your imagination. You can be downright silly and playful when you start to realize that there’s more to life than just social and material dramas. Whether silly or serious, there is something calling you far away behind your eyes to follow it.

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