Feel it to heal it? The first three weeks of July rank high on the emo-meter as major cosmic action heats up in the most intimate and poignant parts of your chart. There’s some deep stuff coming up, and while most Sagittarians prefer to keep things moving along, staying in these palpable moments can be rich and meaningful. Rip that “do not disturb” sign off your heart chakra, Archer, and let your sensitive side sprawl. Processing feelings does not mean you have to dwell on them or drop into a bottomless chasm of grief. There’s a healthy way to do it—and no shame in getting some guidance from a therapist or an energy healer if things get heavy.

The silver lining? July is ripe for creative breakthroughs and spiritual epiphanies. Your intuition is off the charts, and you could be a wellspring of artistry and inspiration. If you open the channels, you could receive incredible guidance through signs, serendipities and people who act as unwitting guardian angels. It’s a worthwhile reward for letting your guard down!

So what’s stirring all this up? For starters, the Sun is making its annual trek through Cancer and your internal eighth house—the realm that rules bonding, shared finances and property, sex and the many ways we merge with others. As an independent Sag, this isn’t your natural habitat by a long shot. Every year around this time, you crave more privacy, but your bonds can deepen, and your imagination is off the charts!

A powerful partnership could ignite on July 12, when the first of summer’s three scene-changing eclipses lands in Cancer and brings irresistible dynamic-duo energy into your world. Rather than cleave to your fierce autonomy, you could recognize how much better, stronger and faster you can be when you merge your superpowers with an awe-inspiring sidekick.

This one is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will fall in Cancer and Capricorn—your money and power axis—between now and July 2020. These eclipses will spark a wave of changes around your confidence, wealth and emotional resilience. The eighth house also rules sex, so there could be some sizzling summer developments or a reignited mojo to look forward to.

This is the only eclipse from this group in 2018; the majority will fall in 2019. But it’s an intense start! On the same day, the Sun will make its annual opposition to power-tripping Pluto in Capricorn and your second house of money, daily routines and self-worth. You could catch a startling glimpse of how YOU push away prosperity because of some deeply rooted insecurities and fears. As the eclipse showers you with a windfall of support, YOU may need to energetically adjust your field in order to receive the love, financial bounty or newfound power. If you don’t have the capacity to hold all that the universe wants to give you, it will be like pouring liquid into an already-full cup: All the extra will just spill out and go to waste!

That’s your inner work to start on this month, Sagittarius: clearing away what Gay Hendricks’ book The Big Leap calls an “upper limit problem” and opening up the channels to receive more than you think you can handle. With provocateur Pluto pushing your buttons, you could get triggered emotionally at the eclipse and be tempted to lash out at a loved one or colleague. Instead of exploding, look at this person as a messenger or a mirror, reflecting something you need to shift within.

This could actually be familiar territory by now because your ruling planet, expansive Jupiter, is in the midst of a 13-month visit to Scorpio and your twelfth house of closure, healing and deep creativity from October 10, 2017, to November 8, 2018. This cycle only occurs once every 12 years, a time when you can release what no longer serves you and make room for the new. You’re learning to receive instead of controlling or micromanaging—to stop swimming upstream and just float with the currents.

Since March 8, Jupiter’s been in low-power retrograde motion, which could have dredged up old memories or grief. You may have dealt with a health issue or just felt more tired and run-down if you pushed yourself too hard. There may have been a farewell of some kind. For us as Sagittarians, we had to say goodbye to Tali’s 17-year-old dachshund Wendell on April 15. But we were also offered a beautiful healing opportunity when fellow Sagittarius, Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik, invited Tali to write a heartfelt essay about it on her wonderful website Grok Nation. The bittersweet lessons of Jupiter here could involve going through a difficult time that you CAN’T handle alone—only to realize how much unconditional love and support have been around you the whole time.

Your reward? On November 8, lucky Jupiter will enter YOUR sign for a year, kicking off a fresh decade-plus cycle, which is all the more reason to allow life to flow as it’s meant to rather than bottlenecking the process or trying to force an outcome. For the next four months, go full-on Marie Kondo on your life. Declutter. Forgive. Mourn. Surrender. Say “I don’t know” and see what or who shows up instead of trying to come up with all the answers. This is the space where magic arises!

With five planets retrograde at any moment in July, the stars are poised to help you handle all that unfinished business. Energetic Mars is reversing through Aquarius and your communication house all month, which could make you a bit argumentative or find you juggling a lot of different projects. Structured Saturn and transformational Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn and your money sector, a good time to get finances in order and trim your budget. Hazy Neptune’s gone rogue in Pisces and your family sector, insisting on better boundaries with your clan or putting you in deep nesting and redecorating mode (guilty as charged). And on July 26, interactive Mercury will join the retrograde brigade. All signals point to finishing what you’ve started or tweaking before any grand debuts later this year.

Adventure calls starting July 22, when the Sun soars into Leo and your optimistic, worldly ninth house—the zodiac zone that’s ruled by Sagittarius. You’re truly in your element for the next four weeks, pulling out of any emotional tunnels to reconnect with the wider world. Blue-sky visioning, travel and big ideas are your wheelhouse, and el Sol heats up the action. Your mind is hungry for new knowledge and experiences, so stock up your Kindle reader and hit the road for a spontaneous journey or two.

Just don’t rush into implementing anything major yet. Mercury, the planet of technology, transportation and communication, will turn retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19. Going big and bold could hit the wrong note during this signal-scrambling time. One of your outspoken remarks could be taken the wrong way, leaving you with a mess to mop up. Be careful with those group texts and emails—this is the kind of retrograde when you accidentally send a #burn to everyone, including the person you’re throwing shade at!

That’s only further exacerbated by hot-headed Mars being retrograde in your social third house, which could ramp up tension in your circle. A partnership or project that seemed promising could hit a speed bump. View any slowdowns or snags as a hidden blessing and perform some additional due diligence. Make sure people can back up their talk with action. And watch what YOU promise: Don’t overestimate what you can deliver.

One exception to your galactic gag order arrives on July 27, when a total lunar (full moon) eclipse blazes into Aquarius and your expressive third house. Exciting news, plans and conversations that have been percolating since the February 15 Aquarius solar eclipse could reach a boiling point. Ready to throw your hat in the ring for a cutting-edge project or to make a bold debut? This eclipse could bring major buzz around one of your ideas or turn you into a viral sensation. Writing, teaching and media projects get a special boost from this communicative full moon.

This is the final Aquarius eclipse in a series that’s been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, transforming your approach to communication, friendships, travel and interpersonal dynamics. Look back to the prior two Aquarius eclipses on August 7, 2017, and February 15, 2018, for clues of what might fully come together now.

Need to clear the air? The lunar eclipse will conjunct fiery Mars, making a stressful confrontation unavoidable. Tension may mount, especially with a sibling, coworker or neighbor. If you have buried resentments or frustrations, they could come pouring out. In our opinion, lunar eclipses feel more radical than solar ones because full moons bring endings, transitions and full-circle events. Ready or not, you could be putting your message out in a no-holds-barred way.


Curb your enthusiasm—at least a little. All month, passionate Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius and your communication center, mixing messages and signals like a perverse DJ. You could feel sure you’re expressing yourself effectively only for the object of your affection to totally misinterpret you and come away with the exact opposite meaning! Grrr! Or you might waltz into a sizzle-then-fizzle online match. Tread lightly if you’re considering “going there” with a friend or colleague—a steamy hookup could lead to some resentment, anger or office awkwardness that you don’t need.

In all your interactions, watch for an argumentative streak and dial down the know-it-all tendencies. Be extra careful about whose opinions you solicit regarding your romantic choices. Even if people have your best interests at heart, they’ll probably project some of their own issues onto your situation—not helpful!

On the other side of your chart, Venus will be in Leo and your adventurous ninth house until July 9. This gives you tons of resilience, and you’ll bounce back from any setback feeling confident and romantically frisky. If anything, this contrasting combo with Mars could make you a touch indecisive or give you a case of grass-is-greener syndrome. Being grateful for what you have is the antidote to that!

On July 9, Venus bolts into Virgo and your tenth house of long-range goals. You might suddenly want to get serious or lock in plans for the long haul. When you’re having “the talk” with a partner or a would-be prospect about the future, look way past the present moment and get a sense of whether your objectives for say, five or ten years from now, are aligned.

Throughout the month, Venus will form flowing trines to innovative Uranus (July 11), structured Saturn (July 14) and transformational Pluto (July 27), all in the most stabilizing houses of your chart. Some couples might decide to work together, or you could strengthen your bond by handling the practical details of your life together. Either way, a perfect “cherry on top” is to dress up and go out on some upscale and luxurious dates—and when you’re in, to pamper yourselves with good food, a nice bottle of wine and plenty of affection.

Key Dates:
July 11: Venus-Uranus trine

You’re inspired to craft a future while also supporting each other as individuals. Maybe you’ll start a business together or do volunteer work as a duo. A socially conscious suitor may steal your heart today, or you might meet someone unexpectedly through a work-related function.



Think long-term when it comes to your finances this month. The Sun is in Cancer and your eighth house of wealth, joint ventures and property until July 22, amplified by a page-turning Cancer solar eclipse on July 12. This potent energy may propel you to make a move around real estate or investing—possibly an unexpected one—since eclipses can bring surprising events. The burst of motivation could also push you to work with a financial adviser.

But don’t rush into anything official this month. Ambitious Mars is retrograde until August 27, backing through Aquarius and your intellectual, expressive third house. Avoid multitasking now, as you could make a careless error or just burn yourself out from all the juggling. Normally you can handle a lot of irons in the fire, but with the energy planet in low-power mode, you won’t do your best work if you bite off more than you can humanly chew. With structured Saturn also retrograde until early September in your work and money house, less is more in every way.

Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will turn retrograde in Leo and your big-picture ninth house from July 26 to August 19, another reason to scale down or rethink any projects that are ballooning out of control. While it’s awesome to “go big,” doing so now could leave you scrambling to fix sloppy mistakes later. But you do get one no-limits moment on July 27, when an Aquarius total lunar (full moon) eclipse blasts into your communication center, sending an idea or message viral. You could have a groundbreaking conversation or get the green light on a project you’ve been developing over the past couple years. Ventures that involve writing, teaching or sharing a powerful message could pick up steam. You might make things official—or part ways—with a key collaborator at the end of the month.

Key Dates:
July 12: Sun-Pluto opposition

Watch for a clash of the titanic egos today. A would-be big shot may try to throw their weight around in an attempt to strong-arm or intimidate you. You know your worth, Sag, so stand up and defend it!

Love Days: 6, 10
Money Days: 16, 25
Luck Days: 14, 23
Off Days: 8, 12, 19

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