Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon

You are independent, idealistic, romantic, and expressive. You don’t keep much to yourself and can range from being a profound mental influence on those you meet to being a mere chatterbox. You have ideals and principles which will mean a good deal to you, and you’ll fight for them, for you have great moral courage, and even when you are barking up the wrong tree, or straining at a gnat, you lose none of your zest for intellectual encounter. You have a dramatic way of putting things that adds the illusion of importance. There’s a touch to your nature of what Matthew Arnold called High Seriousness, and you are capable of being a crusader for any cause that you take up, whether it be broad or petty. You tend to generalize on things and you can think up more philosophic reasons why it is right for you to be angry, or in love, or offended, than you can shake a stick at. You can also work from the general down to the particular, and your ability to put two and two together, or to split up ideas into their component parts, is the bulwark of your intellectual strength.

You are romantic, highly idealistic, with a sort of feeling of personal responsibility that the world be kept as idealistic as possible, which, the world being what it is, is quite a job. There is something of the artist about you, though you are an artist in ideas rather than in color, line, or design. The abstraction of music appeals to you and with training you can become a fine performer. But ideas are your especial province. Getting them and your personality across by your force and manner of expression lends such color and drama that even your enemies admit your sincerity. You have a tendency to feel that no one is quite so high minded as you are. You are a snob in matters of ideology and love your own to the exclusion of others. This would seem intolerance if your ideology were not sound, but it usually is – according to your premises. This can make you a reformer, a missionary, a Strong Man (or woman) of the Right and you are perfectly capable of espousing some lost, or losing, or unpopular cause. This may concern itself with anything from broad social ideals to ideals of personal morality, but whatever it is, you are a zealot for it. In love, you are an idealist, and your idealism may stand in the way of what others think of as the practical side of love.

Strive for realism in your life and to make your idealism into practical and workable form; learn cooperation and tact: you can’t always afford to express even the most high-minded of principles. Reserve in expression will smooth the path for you: you can think what you like.

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