Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising

Here comes the Pied Piper with a friendly, magnetic “Gee! I kinda like that guy!” personality. These people are inherently able to put their best foot forward. Their grinnin’ and grippin’ skills always elicit a positive response. How do you argue with a winning attitude that makes you feel like you’re part of the team? With other sun sign combinations, the Big Attitude Aquarius personality might be argumentative, but a sweet Sagittarius sun sign negates much of that. Sagittarians always know the power of a promise, but Sagittarians with Aquarius rising have a knack for delivering on their promises in razzle-dazzle Electric Light Bulb style. They’re in tune with the promise of tomorrow and the opportunities that lie just over the horizon; their perceptive Sagittarius envisions a completed project before it’s begun, and they’re superb at inspiring others to climb on board. These are the people who rally the community. With invaluable magnetism, they join organizations and associate well. They excel in many vocations, but find particular reward in management, athletics, and the military.

As is true with all mid-moming births, these optimistic Sagittarians live in their tomorrows. They’ll readily sacrifice today’s reward for tomorrow’s promise, so they don’t usually have a lot of hang-ups. They always look at problems or disappointments with a “Let bygones be bygones, tomorrow’s another day” attitude. They always feel like tomorrow’s where the fun is! Where’s the pleasure in griping, brooding, or moping? Sure, they might get a bit down now and then—after all, they’re only human. But there aren’t many snags that can burst their bright, high flyin’ Sagittarius bubble. [..]

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