Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon

You are a pioneer – fearless, philosophic, dynamic, anxious and able to control others and, despite large personal ambition and vanity, capable of working for the common good – so long as you can be in the foreground. You are interested in the underdog and can see the other fellow’s viewpoint at the same time that you don’t sacrifice your own. You have a way of making these two viewpoints work together for mutual advantage, and thus you are a splendid organizer of large or small enterprises, with you pulling the strings and controlling the destinies of those around you. You are ardent and sincere in love, bringing your ideals to practical application in everyday affairs, so that you make a very satisfactory sweetheart. You like to have your own way but are willing to compromise up to a point, and it takes people a long time to find out that your “compromises” are usually ninety per cent your way and ten per cent someone else’s. You aren’t exactly diplomatic, but you have a way of saying things bluntly that doesn’t really hurt people and, though they wince, they come up smiling. You’re intensely honorable and will not compromise with the truth or the right as you see it.

You are a practical idealist, and you know how to live in the world as it is without giving up your theories of right conduct. You aren’t interested in fooling or bamboozling others, preferring straightforward dealings. And others have a hard time fooling you, for your mental powers are keen. You know your own aims down to the last detail and can carry intricate patterns of thought and action in your mind with the greatest of ease. In politics, government, law, or the ministry – any of the active professions – you are unbeatable.

Grant Lewi

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