Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Moon

You are a vigorous thinker, capable of rising to some position of importance through the strength and originality of your mind and expression. You have a considerable sense of humor, which, whether it is actively working or not, still lends charm and lift to what you say. You have an active social sense and know how to appeal to groups of people.

A large admixture of idealism in your nature, a wide scope to your vision plus the true spirit of leadership, make you a person to be reckoned with wherever you are found. Intellectually, you are both facile and profound, the readiness of your expression not making you shallow as glibness frequently does, and, except when you act on impulse, your actions will be found to be based on good sound sense. When acting on impulse you may be foolish sometimes, but always on the side of justice. You are prone to jump to conclusions, when you become indignant and act unwisely, if nobly. You have a great capacity for indignation, a righteous wrath that makes you feared by malefactors, for your moral courage is unshakable. Emotionally, you are idealistic, a trifle erratic, more able to impress others than you are impressionable yourself. You take yourself seriously, and others are likely to do the same; you demand attention, whether from an individual whom you love or from a group that you are determined to control. You think in terms of the general rather than the particular, in principals rather than in specific instances; and this broad outlook colors your love-life with a sort of impersonal detachment which, however, does not rule out physical intensity.

This is a well-balanced position, and it takes a good deal to throw you off. If there are many references to nerves in this report, there is a danger of overbalancing of the nature through erratic action, but in general this is a versatile and flexible position and makes for power and success through mental breadth and mobility.

Grant Lewi

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