Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising

These people are truly double-edged swords! Sagittarius is sweet and positive, but if they’re not careful, Capricorn can be sour and negative. Taking care of business comes easily here, but keeping a positive outlook while giving the devil his due is essential. If these people are heavenly kind in their attitude and earthly wise in their deeds, they end up being in charge and beloved by their underlings. But they’re the two-sided coin personified, sometimes bouncing back and forth between positive Sagittarius and negative Capricorn. The sweet demeanor of Sagittarius is tempered and challenged by the dour, calm-cool-and-collected approach of a stone-cold sober Capricorn personality. A responsible approach with a winning attitude is the road to happiness here. They’re usually very effective at managing people and things, but keeping it positive might be more difficult. If they’ll put a positive twist on a sensible explanation, they accomplish the most monumental projects—because they think big!

Sometimes these Sagittarians climb so high on the ladder of success that they lose touch with the little people. It’s important that they remember their beginnings and give support and encouragement to people with less authority How they treat their underlings is the key to their character. After all, Saturn, the boss, Mr. “take it on the chin” of the zodiac is Capricorn’s ruling planet, and forgiving, benevolent Jesus Jupiter rules Sagittarius. So character is what these people have come to learn in this life’s destiny. They mustn’t forget to support the underdog. Their confidence in others is apparent in their ability to allocate. They show themselves to be masterful administrators by trusting their underlings to get the job done, and they’re less prone to the “do-it-yourself” syndrome. Though the Capricorn exterior can be dour, their Sagittarian hearts definitely know what it is to be kind to animals, share a soothing word, and care for living things. If they’ll smile, loosen up, and let their Sagittarius show, the sky’s the limit.

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