Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon

You are an adventurous soul and, in both romantic and geographical mobility, will range the world pretty thoroughly before you are through. You are lucky financially, and money comes in to you readily so that you’re protected from want. You aren’t very much concerned with security – probably because you’ve always had it – but in some way or other you are able to talk your way around difficult situations and pop up on the other side of them with your pockets full. You are glib, expressive, possibly eloquent with both voice and pen. This is one of the positions of those who in honorable fashion live by their wits and manage while doing so to achieve a good deal of popular prestige. It is distinctly a professional and artistic position, and if you are in a business career, get out of it and put your mind to work on what you have to offer that will bring you greater returns for less expenditure of physical energy. The idea of getting something for nothing, or for very little, is highly congenial to you. What’s more, you know how to do it; you make the world pay well for what you have to give it. You have a way of dramatizing your own powers so that those in authority are eager and willing to pay well for what you have to say. You are a super salesman of yourself, loving to hold the center of the stage.

You give the impression of wisdom and great reserve strength, but how much you have that isn’t in active service you know best, though you aren’t likely to tell. You are highly aware of your world, though not so much of yourself, and you are likely to take yourself a shade too seriously – which may be part of the reason why others take you seriously. You have a good deal of pride which may be petty sometimes, and you are capable of saying cutting things about anyone who competes with you for the center of the stage. You are attractive to the opposite sex but not constant in love affairs; your restlessness demands variety. Despite your expressed idealism, you’re pretty much of a realist and know on which side your bread is buttered. You wouldn’t do a dishonorable thing, but you are able to justify a whole lot on pragmatic or practical grounds. You are an opportunist and you hate to see opportunities wasted; you are capable of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps in jig time and coming out at the top just when you were supposed to be down and out.

This is in some way or another the position of the pioneer who is capable of influencing the minds of men to practical purpose and of advancing his own banner at the same time.

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