Sagittarius Sun Gemini Rising

Sweet, optimistic Sagittarius, born at obliging, “I don’t wanna be alone” dinnertime, with an “icing on the cake” Jitterbug Gemini personality. What’s not to like here? These are among the most pleasant, “people pleasing” individuals on the planet. They’re always aware of how they’re being received and are magicians at adjusting themselves to whatever situation is at hand. With a youthful appearance and a spry, quick-minded intelligence, they flit like hummingbirds from person to person and place to place, and from one quickly conceived idea to another, leaving people charmed by their unassuming good nature. They’re genuinely interested in the people around them, and it shows! People usually give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re so harmless and obviously well-meaning. Even when they mindlessly ramble with Gemini chatter, they’re found to be entertaining rather than annoying; and when they ask for information that’s none of their business, people seem to open up like blossoming flowers. They’re apt to be especially interested in sports, from fishing to football, and in subjects with philosophical or religious overtones. They read up on the subjects that interest them and are always willing to share whatever information they have. Boy, are they willing to share WHATEVER information they have. (Oops. I hope we’re not describing a loose tongue.)

But there’s a need for more serenity. These folks are so high-strung that a rest-easy “all is well” faith in life is all but totally absent. Their insecurities run deep. They need to sit back, relax, and not overdo it with their short-term attention span and their tendency towards no-focus, willy-nilly behavior. Yes, they’re sincere—and, sure, they’re charming—but everything has its limits. They need to avoid letting their loquacious and convincing manner be misinterpreted as fanaticism. And they need to be deliberate and do their homework when circumstances demand focus. If it’s important to read the handbook before coming to the meeting, then they need to do just that, rather than show up unprepared and ready to b.s. their way through. If they’re up to the challenge of being well-prepared, these Sagittarians almost always persevere to victory.

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