Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon

Honor is your god; all your energies, your ambitions, your strong love-nature are based and rooted in your concept of honor. Through energy, definite aims, and integrity, you are likely to go far and win wide admiration, respect, and dignity. You take life seriously, with a keen sense of the importance of making the most of it. You love justice and can temper it with mercy and through deliberate direction of your abilities get both speed and distance into your career. You are courageous both physically and morally; you are your own master and the master of your fate, and you fear no obstacle or opposition when you know your cause is right. You will defend high and low alike with justice on your side and no one could be powerful enough to offer you a bribe.

You are intellectually philosophic, broad-minded, imaginative, and creative, so that any scheme you envisage, or any goal at which you imagine yourself, becomes very nearly an accomplished fact when you have the picture clearly in mind. Then all your energies work together to make a tangible reality out of what is already a reality to you in imagination. This creative, photographic imagination is your great asset, for you have the courage to imagine high and the moral, intellectual, and physical force to bring it to pass. In love you are ardent, loyal, idealistic, and constant; your ideal of love is second only to your ideal of honor. Anyone to whom you give your word has an unbreakable bond. All these qualities, naturally, make for success in life which few people could be petty enough to grudge you, since it rests on the solid foundations of work and personal integrity.

You are a person to make yourself felt in any circle, and a healthy respect for yourself sets your goal high and tends to broaden your influence and your success.

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