Sagittarius Sun Leo Rising

Now this can be a severe case of overkill! These people rush in where angels fear to tread. Though their striking appearance, robust behavior, and obvious enthusiasm are always noticed, and they have a “good time Charlie” presence, people nonetheless wish sometimes that these Sagittarians would just tone it down and cool their jets. They’re full-steam-ahead locomotives, energetic and powerful, and they roar into the station with, “Look at me! Here I am!” blast-the-horn behavior that always makes a big Leo impression. Sagittarians with “I can handle it, stand aside, I’ll show you how to do this!” Leo personalities are near impossible to rein in and manage. They insist on doing things their own way and almost never seem to wear down. They want to start at the top, and if they “do it right the first time” like only Leo can, their Sagittarian good luck guarantees that they’ll get there soon enough. After all, when didn’t the doors of opportunity open to a winning disposition backed up by competent behavior?


But keeping themselves in perspective without coming off as self-centered and inconsiderate is a real challenge. They mustn’t let their successes go to their head. There’s a fine line between justifiable pride in “a good job well done” and outright boastfulness. If these Sagittarians cross that line, they alienate the very people who would otherwise be their best allies. Like all good entertainers, they need to keep an objective eye on how they’re being received: If they’ve put on a good show but their audience is still turning away, it’s probably because there’s too much egotism in the brew. There’s no benefit in an obnoxious impression! All that’s necessary is a grace and kindness in their purpose. And how can that be difficult with warm, sunny Leo so prominent in sweet Sagittarius’ makeup?

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