Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon

You are an exceedingly active person with broad, expansive ideas and schemes that have to be brought down to reality. With any encouragement at all you’ll go off the deep end and take your soundings later, if at all. You are independent, active, courageous, and you tend to believe in your luck. You are social, convivial, and love companionship; you are romantic, with a definite need for affection, sympathy, and love, which you usually have no trouble in getting, for you are a favorite with the opposite sex. You are naturally trusting and have to learn suspicion; when once you’ve learned it you are a hard person to fool, for then your intuitions work overtime to warn you of fakes, frauds, four-flushers, and deadbeats. You would rather give a man your last hundred dollars than be tricked out of a dime. You are generous and can be imposed on by your friends if you aren’t on the look out for them.

You are highly honorable and idealistic and not especially ambitious; you like comfort and security, but you aren’t interested in wealth or power, and you are so mobile that you feel secure under conditions where other people might not – home is where you hang your hat. As you grow older, however, this tends to change, especially if you marry (and you probably will), and you want a home of your own – and generally get it. In love you are ‘e little detached, though idealistic in a sense. However, you easily feel misunderstood and get restless. Your husband (wife) is very likely to act as a good balance wheel for you, and although this makes for a steadying down, you may not like it – you feel your mobility interfered with and tend to a mild discontent, even though you expect never to do anything about it. You make the best of things, anyway, and have a philosophic attitude by which you manage not to worry or resent anything too much.

Grant Lewi


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