Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon

You are a philosopher. whatever your walk in life may be, it is the broad general idea that counts with you. You lead an inner life of your own, of ideas and ideals, that may not find expression in the world of affairs, but which gives you a grip on broad realities. You aren’t practical minded, thinking and living on a somewhat detached plane; and though you are lucky and therefore protected from want, you are none the less not greatly interested in the material things of the world. You are a genuine missionary with a brooding sense of the need of men for higher thinking, higher feeling, and the better things of culture, religion, and philosophy. Whether in the professions or the arts – you are little likely to be found in business – you are animated less by an art-for-art’s-sake attitude than by art for man’s sake. Conscious of your own worth, you none the less have true humility of spirit, which you can afford to have because you feel so closely your kinship with forces larger than man. You are a good deal of a mystic, and your insight into universal truths is remarkable. Intellectually, you are profound, broad, intuitive, able to cope with large generalizations better than with details. You must cultivate concentrative ability. Emotionally, you are impressionable and romantic and can be imposed upon by individuals who play on your general sympathetic approach for their own advantage. You are forgiving, incapable of holding a grudge, utterly free of meanness, spite, jealousy, or vengefulness; and despite your desire to better the world you live in, you have a real tolerance for its foibles. You understand all and you forgive all; you are no stern judge or avenging angel, but rather a healing doctor of the spirit, eager to serve and usually able to find ample scope for your charitable impulses.

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