Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising

If forgiveness is heavenly and leads to earthly peace, then freedom-loving Sagittarius with delicate, kind-hearted, and whimsical Pisces rising is a good match. This is the winning disposition tempered by the peace-making “cosmic traveler.” Pisces is delicate, gentle, and devoted to caring for living things—the Florence Nightingale of the zodiac. And with a happy-go-lucky Sagittarius ego, the Pisces personality reaches out in compassion to lend a hand without any unflattering “Look at all the good I’m doing!” showiness or “Nobody noticed!” poor-me martyrdom. These Sagittarians are often inspired to create beautiful things and are wonderful at producing lovely, graceful images whether it’s in the floral shop, a photograph, or maybe even the motion picture industry. But even when they’re hard at work in less glamorous vocations, there’s still a “movie star” quality in their manner, from a photogenic aspect in their physical presence to their charity towards those less fortunate. Any career affording them a people-helping purpose usually suits them just fine. They’re wonderfully motivated to create a green-leaf effect.

[..] A Pisces personality needs to take heart, show courage, and, above all, be objective. Their lives are all about learning how to keep the peace without caving in. The typical Peaceful Pisces aversion to confrontation is at high tide here, and in tandem with Sagittarius it serves them quite well—they learn to align themselves with people who are willing to set aside personal differences for the greater good. And this is exactly where these Sagittarians need to be: in a circle of associates or a line of work that allows them to devote their energies to doing God’s work, creating a bit of heaven on earth.

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