Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon

Nervous energy is your strength – and your weakness. Relaxation is your need. You have a philosophical mind, jumping from the particular to the general as if by second nature, and seeing things, people, problems, in large, rather than specific, terms. The devotional motif is strong in your nature, and you tend to ritualistic acceptance of some religion, code, or basic set of beliefs to which you relate the threads of your philosophy and make a working ideology for your life.

The need for classification is strong in you; you put things into pigeonholes and categories and organize your information. You are very sensitive and temperamental, capable of extremes of happiness and despair, all in the space of a few seconds. Harshness and unkindness distress and bewilder you, and you can be governed only through your affections and through reason, for, despite your sensitive nature, you won’t give in to unfairness, unkindness, or illogical argument.

You are a good deal of a reformer, believing the world should live on your principles, your codes, your moral standards. Thus preachers, lawyers, judges are often found here and, being eloquent, logical, and persuasive are likely to achieve a good deal of influence. You love travel, and much of your nervous energy can be used up in physical motion. It is not at all unlikely that you will live and achieve your greatest success somewhere far removed from your birthplace. You are at home anywhere, settling down gypsy-like where night finds you.

A great love for music accompanies this position, and music will be found very restful.

Grant Lewi

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