Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

You are genial, courteous, idealistic, and romantic. You have a good practical understanding of the world but don’t tend to get into action with it. You are philosophic and capable of abstract thinking – so much so that you are capable of letting your ideology absorb your practical purposes. You will do best in some occupation of an artistic or creative nature, where the idealism may find concrete expression and remuneration. Music is especially appealing to you. You put a high premium on education and, even if formal schooling has been brief, you will go on studying and applying yourself on your own initiative. You are aspiring rather than ambitious, and look for idealistic, rather than realistic, satisfaction from life; if you weren’t well taken care of economically (which you probably are) you’d be capable of neglecting the earning of a living in some visionary pursuit. You believe the Lord will provide, and He generally does so far as you are concerned. Your faith extends to people, who are usually likely to justify it, for you have the sort of idealism that demands idealism in return. In love, you have one of the most satisfactory of natures – ardent, impulsive, loyal, and devoted. You are capable of sacrificing everything for love, but you probably won’t be called on to do it.

This placement indicates an excellent wife (or husband); and, through mutual respect and understanding for each other’s aims (which may be quite different), considerable contentment and continued romance in marriage. You are constant without being puritanical – an excellent and rare virtue. You believe in the right without being a Rover Boy; you’re optimistic but no Pollyanna. Worldliness and a sense of humor keeps you from smugness, while a fundamentally serious undertone keeps you from frivolity.

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