Sagittarius Sun Taurus Rising

Here’s the winning “We’ll do better next time” attitude of Sagittarius with some sensible “stop, look, and listen.” Taurus, the Banker’s, patience is a good complement to impetuous Sagittarius, while Sagittarius’ “tomorrow’s another day” attitude brings an invigorating optimism to Taurus’ stick-in-the-mud pouty face. The Taurus personality becomes less intense, and Sagittarius becomes more down-to-earth. So these people have more focus and persistence than other Sagittarians, making them more adept at getting what they want. They’re determined and deliberate, with the sure footing of the Beast of Burden, while Sagittarius’ spryness and good timing remain fully intact. They don’t promise more than they can deliver, and they don’t zip off chasing exaggerated dreams, but the wind is still at their backs as they race toward the winner’s circle. All the Taurus appetites are present here, and they’re usually satiated: These Sagittarians often accumulate enough resources to adequately indulge themselves and maybe even live high on the hog.

Everything goes swimmingly for Sagittarians with Taurus rising as long as they don’t sabotage their own good fortune with heavy-handed intensity, which is always a danger zone for Taurus. “Lighten up and move along” is the message, and get-over-it Sagittarius is the perfect antidote for bull-headed stubbornness. There’s a fun-loving, easy-spirited sun sign ego here, but the personality can get intense, so letting their Happy-Go-Lucky Sagi-magi-ragi-ttarius shine through is essential. If they lack objectivity they get arrogant and demanding without ever recognizing their lost opportunities. And if they aren’t careful, they’ll end up sitting in the boss’s seat, oblivious, wondering why everyone’s looking at them. It’s a complete surprise to them when the error of their ways receives correction because they’re always so well-intentioned. If there’s any mid-afternoon objectivity here to make them aware of how they’re being received, all is well. Taurus the Bull stamina on swift Sagittarius hoofs should bring them across the finish line far ahead of the competition.

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