Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising

Now here are some low-key, “Oh, something’s on my mind” Sagittarians. Or did you not know they exist? A modest, helpful Virgo personality is a good complement to a sweet, optimistic, forgiving—but sometimes high-handed-Sagittarius ego. One reason is that Virgo’s modesty tempers Sagittarians’ easily inflated opinion of themselves. These Sagittarians are usually held in high esteem by the little people and never lose touch with their underlings. They also never forget to keep an eye on the details, so they’re not as prone to leap before they look. Because they require a reasonable period of time to analyze things before they commit, they don’t drive off the cliff like some other Sagittarian types. These folks are unassuming smiley faces! They’re well-intentioned, eagerly willing to lend a hand, unenvious of the spotlight, and so “live and let live” in their approach to life that they’re not likely to clobber people over the head with some wacky, fanatical philosophy. Their ability to maintain a healthy level of modesty while enjoying Sagittarius’ success and benefiting from all of this sign’s good luck is a real virtue.

The key to successful problem-solving for these people involves finding the bottom line. They sometimes go off thinking what they prefer or jumping to unfounded conclusions, but rushing through information and glossing over things is a never-ending maze. If, instead, they’ll let their perceptive Sagittarius do some intelligent Virgo analysis, an accurate understanding will almost magically appear. With their undying enthusiasm coupled with their never-ending willingness to help, they’re much beloved by the people most affected by their effort and good will.

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