Financially speaking, you’ll have a hold on whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish this month. It appears that you’re ready to make a new investment or major decision about your money. If this is the case, the best time to move forward will be after June 13. Discussions with your accountant or a financial advisor will go well for you and help you formulate a logical plan that you know you can put into action. If you’re married or in a committed relationship where you and your love share finances, it’s likely that he or she will be a core part of these discussions and decisions now. You might make two separate decisions about finances this month: one long-term and the other shorter-term. Both will be beneficial.

In other news, if you’ve felt a lack of joy in your professional life or a lack of recognition about your talents, then your ego will enjoy a much-needed boost after June 13. Somehow, the spark of creativity and passion will come back into your career and this is most likely due to the right person giving you the well-deserved praise that you have been denied lately. In fact, don’t be surprised if your boss singles you out to lead a new creative project that is related to your work. You’ll be lit up and truly motivated to make this succeed.

Unfortunately, as all these happy events transpire in your professional life, it seems you’re being bogged down by a domestic situation. Perhaps where you live has become a real problem, especially if you have unkind neighbors or someone living with you who is making your life miserable. Whether this is a difficult roommate situation or a family dilemma, you might feel as though it’s unbearable once June 26 hits. At the same time, however, you might feel completely trapped and unable to actually do anything about it. Don’t despair! Although this does look like a tricky problem to navigate, you will find a solution. Mars will retrograde through your home and family sector through August 27, signaling that the way out of this problem is slowly going through it. It’s the only way to find a truly workable resolution. Remember, fighting with your family or those you live with is not the answer now. Strategic handling of your domestic affairs is.


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