Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising – General

You have keen animal instincts, a deeply instinctual and passionate nature, and access to forces that can be used for healing and regeneration – of yourself, other individuals, or society. Strong-willed and powerful in a quiet understated sort of way, you are always a force with which to be reckoned. You know intuitively where another’s pain or weakness lies, and can thus be a natural healer – or a terrible enemy, if your energies are directed toward conflict. Learning to trust and follow your instincts, and to focus your will upon positive intents, are keys to fulfilling your highest destiny. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Aries

Your Mars is in the courageous, independent and self-motivated sign of Aries. Your function is to be a leader and a pioneer, bringing forth something unprecedented and original. Boldness, valor, and originality are your keynotes. You are a fierce competitor or warrior, and have a “killer instinct” which, even when used in defense of good principles, needs to be tempered with kindness. The shadow side of this is that you can be ruthless, selfish, and you tend to overuse force.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Taurus

Your Mars is in the highly sensual, productive and fertile sign of Taurus. Appetites, desires and craving for sensual life tend to rule you. Tasting and taking great pleasure in the feast of life, without being dominated by your cravings or habitually overindulging, is a key to happiness for you. You also have a determined and steady will force and great stamina to bring your goals and dreams to fruition. You are highly fertile on every level. Obstinacy and not knowing when to let go or change course can create problems for you, however.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Gemini

Your Mars is in the clever, dexterous, skillful sign of Gemini, indicating that the use of your hands, your quick reflexes, and/or your facility with language plays an important role in your life and fate. On the shadowy side of this energy, you can be very crafty, scheming, shrewd and self-serving. Used positively, the gift and power of words can be used as a healing force.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Cancer

Your Mars is in the soulful and emotional sign of Cancer: you have deep sensitivity and protective feelings toward children, animals, and for all life. Your capacity to commune or merge emotionally with your surroundings gives your great empathy. You are strongly sensuous and passionate. You may have difficulty articulating, understanding, or communicating your feelings in a rational or intellectual way. Music is a good language for you.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Leo

Your Mars is in the proud, confident, radiant sign of Leo. You have a strong will-to-power, and are intended to be a leader and/or to influence many people through your magnetism. Combining your strong vital force with your ability to hold a steady, constant focus, you can accomplish a great deal. Great responsibility attaches itself to the use of personal power, of course, and the shadow side of this energy could turn you into a dominating tyrant.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Virgo

Your Mars is in Virgo, suggesting service through specialized skills, knowledge, or technical expertise; also an interest in biology, chemistry, the medical or health sciences. You have keen powers of observation and analysis, and you work thoroughly and efficiently (some might say obsessively). When out of balance you can worry excessively and be a bitter critic of the world and/or yourself.

You often function as the power behind the throne or as a shrewd advisor to others.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Libra

Your Mars is in Libra, suggesting that your urge to relate, to gain with, and to form cooperative alliances with others is an important part of your function and your fate. You are to work in tandem, as part of a team or close partnership, balancing your needs and your will with those of your partner. Your desire for harmony, beauty, and connection underlies your actions. Beware, however, of submerging your own desires and ability to act decisively on your own behalf, which can lead to concealed anger, corrosive conflict, and “hidden enemies” (in the world or in your own inner life). Be aboveboard and honest in all your dealings, also. Trying to achieve your aims covertly or through the efforts of other people is apt to backfire. Instead use your energy to bring people together, to mediate, negotiate, or create fairness in your world.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Scorpio

Your Mars is in Scorpio as well emphasizing your attunement to deep primal forces in nature, and your need to stay connected with the forces of life in a wild, raw, uncivilized state. You express the energies of both birth and death, creativity and destructiveness, and understand the need for both. You have tremendous physical presence, vitality, and passion to use for good or ill intents. Power will always be an issue in your life – you must learn to acknowledge your power and the ramifications of using it. The power of nature is a source of your own strength and healing. Intensity of experience is more important than permanence.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Sagittarius

Your Mars is in the spirited, expansive, adventurous sign of Sagittarius: you are drawn to risky, future-oriented, ventures and challenging, even dangerous, pursuits. Idealistic and philosophical, your instincts are guided (and perhaps held in check) by your sense of fair play and your convictions. Zeal and passion are your keynotes. When out of balance you can be excessively zealous, self-righteous, and reckless in your enthusiasm. At best, though, you function as an explorer and as an inspiring example to others. The joy of adventure and exploration is what you are meant to express.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Capricorn

Your Mars is in the earthy, practical, ambitious and serious sign of Capricorn, suggesting that tangible material accomplishments and goals are important to you. You know how the world operates and are meant to take a well-planned, calculated, ordered route to your destination. Work and self-discipline -not to mention considerable self-sacrifice- are keys. Work may become an addiction; professional ambition certainly is paramount. You are to function as an authority in some manner.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Aquarius

Your Mars in the unconventional, collective-oriented, free-thinking sign of Aquarius, suggesting that the regeneration of society is a major interest and focus of your attention. Your perceptiveness regarding its underlying, core problems, along with your ability to invent or co-create unusual and innovative solutions, is the key to fulfilling your destiny. Your function is that of a reformer, dissident, or group leader.

Scorpio Rising and Mars in Pisces

Your Mars is in the imaginative, dreamy, visionary, spiritually-open sign of Pisces, suggesting your ability to access altered states of consciousness or dream-time quite readily. The use of images through visualization or art, for instance, is a primary source of healing for you. Water, baptism, birth, cleansing rituals are key elements. Intoxicants of any kind (especially alcohol) can be your downfall, leading to a feeling of confusion and aimlessness or powerlessness. You have pronounced psychic sensitivities which can be developed and used to evolve your own life as well as others’.

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