Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon

This is a visionary and idealistic polarity of Sun and Moon. Pride is strongly marked in you, and you set great store by intellectual and artistic accomplishment. You are a powerful and independent thinker, a good student, bringing a philosophy and viewpoint of your own to bear on intellectual and social problems and so likely to be influential in molding the opinions of those around you.

There’s some intolerance here of divergent opinions, which, because you do not believe in intolerance, you manage to cover up. You like flattery, and if you are a business man you are probably an executive surrounded by yes-men – whom you despise. But this is only one of the contradictions of your nature. You like adulation, but unless you know in your heart that you deserve it you have no respect for the applauders. Yet you are such a strong personality that people instinctively accept your opinions. You have to look out that you don’t get in the habit of speaking ex cathedra, in the expectation that people will agree with you, for every once in a while someone punctures the balloon of your ego, much to your consternation.

Under all your sureness you are a very sensitive person, affectionate and loving, with a great need for gentleness. You have a keen imagination, a real sense of the frustration and tragedy of life, both of your own and of others, and you are capable of being sorry for yourself and genuinely sympathetic with others, though you are reserved and don’t express sympathy or any deep emotion readily. Intellectually you are voluble enough; emotionally, you tend to be inarticulate, and friends and sweethearts have to accept you at face value till they learn the depths that are there. You are likely to strike sensitive people as cold, but if they can get under the surface they are likely to be surprised.

Your aspirations, pinned down to earth and given realistic expression, will take you far, but kept in the realm of possibility or fantasy, produce a sense of frustration and discontent.

Grant Lewi

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