Scorpio Sun Aries Moon

You are a realist, and the center of your highly tangible world is yourself, first, last, and always. You aren’t interested in generalizations or abstractions; your ambition is definite and highly personal; your loyalties are to people rather than to ideas; your loves, your hates, your resentments, are all formed in terms of individuals. You have little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy, metaphysics, in the abstract; but as any one of these touches you, or someone you are interested in, you are capable of becoming strenuously interested. When you are aroused by a personal animus you are capable of voluble and forceful resentments; quarrels can occupy you to the exclusion of everything else; you love a good fight and usually don’t have to live long without one. You are mentally quick, shrewd, and highly protective, with an accurate, critical mind capable of hard work and long scientific analysis.

The one abstraction you find easiest to grasp is Ambition, which you promptly apply to yourself and seek out to fulfill. You are ardent and passionate in love, but not an easy person to be in love with. You are demanding, exacting, and a bit vain, and require the ultimate in devotion and consideration, which, you may by no means be willing to give in return. There’s a cold streak underlying your passion. You never become completely depersonalized but the more objective your viewpoint can become, the happier you will be and the happier you will make those around you.

Despite your protectiveness you are not invulnerable and can be lulled into a calm from which you are rudely awakened when it may be too late. You have a high temper which can be explosive to the danger point, and you are so wrapped up in yourself and your own purposes that you aren’t a very good judge of people and can get mixed up with some pretty undesirable characters who will do you harm. By looking around you more and paying less attention to your own aims, purposes, and emotions, you develop your abilities, and stand to progress through energy, forcefulness, and a magnetic control over people.

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Grant Lewi

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