Scorpio Sun Aries Rising

Here comes a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Road Runner—zipping through life with a childlike smile! With no time to waste and not a hint of patience, these Scorpios are always “up and at ’em.” They’re charming and expedient, but they can be a bother with their refusal to sit down and wait. Talk about hard to keep up with! The attraction of taking it easy completely eludes them.

Nonetheless, they tend to be quite well-received: their boundless energy results in a huge contribution; and their shoot-from-the-hip honesty gives them great rapport with the people around them. Women with this combination often prefer the company of men, explaining that they find men to be more to-the-point than women. There’s also a lot of interest in things traditionally defined as masculine, whether it’s sports, or hunting, or auto mechanics. And whatever they’re involved with, they’re likely to be quite passionate about it, especially romantic relationships. Sometimes Scorpios born mid-afternoon are blessed with a good deal of freedom in life to pursue their interests—they often enjoy a lot of protection when it comes to cash flow and life’s necessities. They aren’t necessarily wealthy, but in relative terms they often benefit from good fortune in money matters, sometimes from the generous planning of others, allowing them to avoid scrimping and saving for lunch money. And in the course of their lives, they’re sometimes destined to come by secrets and other privileged information, satiating their Scorpio curiosity and love of intrigue. It’s not uncommon to find these Scorpios working for adoption agencies, brokerage firms, or other institutions where inside information is accessible. And as always, it’s useful information, among other things, that makes Scorpios so valuable to others. But it’s the responsibility of Scorpios with honest Aries rising to always share that information ethically, never abusing their privilege and never betraying trust.

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