Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon

Independence marks you for her own – you have a cavalier disregard for public opinion in respect to your private life and a judicious estimate of what the public wants in respect to your public life, so that you are a colorful figure in whatever sphere you move. Your scope and influence may become very wide, for you have the real thing in ambition and will demand recognition for your talents. You are a pioneer in thought and influence and know how to express your circle, your times, with force and with courage. You are an ardent protagonist for the right, the friend of the underdog – a sort of accusing angel, conscious of moral and social values and eager to impress your concepts on any who come within your ken. You are logical, intellectual, fair in argument, but very set in your opinions; you cannot be wheedled or coaxed from what you think is the right, but you are highly amenable to reason and can see the other fellow’s side if it hasn’t anything in it that you consider dishonorable. If you think it dishonorable, you see his viewpoint just as well and don’t hesitate to tell him what you think of it. Despite your independence you have a just regard for the social amenities and will not do anything to offend good taste – if you can help it. But if it comes to a choice between living your private life as you want it and conciliating public opinion, then public opinion can go hang. Emotionally, you are sincere, honorable, loyal, and ardent. The sex life is important to you.

This is a powerful polarity and integrates the personality toward success, the extent of which is determined by your aspects but which is likely to be felt in ambition and enterprise in any case.

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