Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising

The by-the-book, “trust the system, it works” Capricorn personality brings a respectfulness to the Scorpio ego that allows these Scorpios to toe the line a lot better than most. Even drudgery, something most Scorpios don’t easily endure, might be tolerable in this combination—as long as there’s a “business is business” reward at the end of the daily grind. Scorpios with Capricorn rising are used to cooperating and equitably manipulating their way to success and approval; they’ve a masterful sense that started in childhood and continues as adults, and their mid-morning “look to the future” birth enables them to make useful connections with powerful people. They usually see eye to eye with the boss and have a natural ability to contribute as a genuine team player. As business people, they’re often the strong silent types but are quite willing to listen. After all, Scorpio always likes to find things out, and Capricorns are naturals at not letting the cat out of the bag. They’re often involved in community programs or organizations like Junior Achievement. They diligently do their homework and can produce all the statistics supporting their agenda. They’re superb researchers. They jump through all the hoops and legitimately earn a reputation for being in the know.

[..]They also need to avoid being vengeful. Because they’ve often established many valuable connections and accumulated a large amount of resources, they have the power to affect a lot of people; and it’s their responsibility to use that power in benevolent ways. They need to remember it’s rarely in anyone’s best interests to devote precious time, money, and energy to negative issues that are better forgiven. They need to look to the future, focusing on what they can build for tomorrow rather than on what they can destroy to vindicate the past. Working shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues, they can tackle and complete monumental projects from the ground up.

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