Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon

You have an impressive personality, with a flair for people that makes you excessively popular; a quality of reserve lends charm to your surprisingly vocal and voluble manner of expression. You have a keen sense of humor, love a good story and tell stories exceedingly well. You give an appearance of great decision and determination, and you alone are likely to know how, inwardly, you are frequently indecisive and wavering at the very moment when you are appearing most sure of yourself. You are likely to miss opportunities through being unable to make up your mind, and to get yourself into trouble through the good-naturedness of your human relations. You are clever, quick, facile, and can learn anything; you have hobbies which may be quite intricate and take up a lot of your time; for one job, one interest, or one sweetheart is not enough to absorb you. If you are a man, this makes you very popular with women, who rather like your combination of ardor and detachment, romanticism and cynicism; however, this doesn’t make you very true in love matters, which are in a class with other hobbies. What you need chiefly in all things is ability to concentrate and to integrate your purposes; for, in one way or another, life tends to be pretty easy for you.

Either you are lucky and things come to you, or you are happy-go-lucky and don’t care. The inner drive to success is somewhat lacking and you tend to drift through life amused by the spectacle, enjoying yourself as you go, adaptable and able to adjust yourself quickly to new circumstances. You tend to make your requirements fit your capital. Your aims and desires are not very important to you; what you want chiefly is comfort – and this comfort requires little for its satisfaction. You are a very easy person to get along with so long as you aren’t interfered with; but you are capable of getting stubborn if you think someone is trying to manage you. There is a streak of perversity here, and you’ll make an issue of something that you don’t really care about just to show that you can’t be imposed on.

Grant Lewi


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