Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising

Here come some insightful, focused Scorpios with an inquisitive, chatty-faced personality that people open up to automatically because they’re so non-threatening. People end up sharing their life story before they know it. These Scorpios show a sincere interest in others and ask questions constantly. They love their information hot off the press and, whenever possible, straight from the horse’s mouth. The light and lively Jitterbug Gemini personality provides the Scorpio ego with tolerance, youthfulness, and flexibility, which are all very effective tools for an in-the-know Scorpio. Innately sincere and unassuming, they’re usually considered to be very easy people to work with, getting things done before they’re even asked. And with a reputation for being extra-cooperative, they receive a lot of consideration and favor from the people closest to them. They enjoy any kind of work that requires efficient behavior with frequent changes of direction. They’re masters of communication, whether in a classroom or on the road, though doing research and gathering data are easy and fun activities, as well. They’re usually not that fond of the limelight. But whatever their job, they expect to go home with a sense of accomplishment, maybe poised to curl up comfortably with a good book, perhaps a Mysterious Scorpio whodunit. But the key here is managing yet another tool that the Gemini personality provides, which is the gift of gab.

[..] When relationships go sour the temptation will be to spill the beans, but what’s to be gained by doing so? These Scorpios need to do their best to take the high road—it’s the surest way to preserve the adoration they’ve earned with their tolerance, flexibility, and generous contributions.

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