Scorpio Sun Leo Rising

Now these people are attention-getters! But they don’t usually prefer it. They’re afraid it’ll blow their Scorpio cover. Things aren’t always what they seem with these folks. There’s a robust nature here that usually prevails and walks away with whatever it came for. Scorpios with Leo rising always have an agenda, and they don’t handle disappointment well. They can be severe with people who don’t measure up. Their Leo pride is sorely injured when people take things from them without permission or question their authority—but they don’t take such “disrespect” lying down.

If Scorpios with Leo rising learn to use a lighter touch, they’ll amaze everyone with their confidence and competence, their fully motivated willing-worker, and their courage. They rush in where angels fear to tread, but most of the time their competence returns them unscathed. Their sunny disposition provides a charming capacity for working with children. The pride they take in a good job well done and the single-minded focus and determination they display in completing a project on time are the things that create Leo’s “big impression” for Scorpios born around midnight. These qualities guarantee that authority will be earned and granted. But when their anxieties get the best of them, they attempt to usurp authority in some overly intense, self-aggrandizing fashion and do themselves no favors. Like Samson of old, this is truly a case of extraordinary power requiring objectivity and wisdom to shine with a warm, generous glow that will illuminate the way for others.

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