Scorpio Sun Libra Moon

You will learn a lot of lessons through your emotional nature as you go along in life for at the beginning you are as a lamb among wolves. You have a certain naivete and ardor combined which brings you knocks and jolts as you discover that everyone is not as direct as you are and can’t be trusted to live up to your high concept of people, life, love, and human relations. As experience teaches you suspicion, your discrimination increases. You bring to your judgments a high degree of good taste and idealism that makes you a highly constructive force in whatever branch of society you may be. Your idealism becomes tinged with practicality without losing its high standards. You learn to understand people without being unduly suspicious. You develop worldliness, but it does not take the romantic glamour of idealism from your personality.

You are highly sociable, with a great deal of poise and a charm of manner which makes people feel they are necessary to you – which indeed they are, though not as necessary as they may think. You are gracious, affable, and courteous at the same time that you never lose an iota of dignity. Your self-confidence amounts almost to pride, but it rarely becomes offensive. You know how to make everyone at ease and are an incomparable host or hostess. In love you are ardent, sincere, loyal, and romantic – an ideal sweetheart, tolerant of the wishes of others, and sensitive to their needs. You have feelers out constantly for other people’s reactions, opinions, sensations, and can glean more from a word, a look, an expression, or a mannerism than most people can from volumes of explanation.

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