Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising

Here come the peacemakers with an insightful solution! With their delicate gentility, Scorpios with Pisces rising are really not good at confrontation or intense exchanges. And they really don’t need to be; their shrewd eye for circumventing hostilities works every time, and they’ll be long gone before the trouble starts. They know instinctively that contention is a waste of time. They just love their serenity and are usually very empathetic, so they’re real Florence Nightingale types, compassionate, gentle-hearted, and maybe a bit angelic, the Scorpios who truly understand that we’re placed on this earth to care for living things and are always on the look-out for ways to do so. When a critter finds its way into the neighborhood pond, and the authorities plan strategy to kill it, it’s often a Scorpio born early afternoon who shows up to intervene, able to find the poor, displaced creature a proper home back in the wild where it belongs. Peaceful Pisces enables these Scorpios to overcome the ruthlessness and vindictiveness that can often spell trouble for other Scorpios. And remember: Whimsical, peacemaking Pisces is the sign of forgiveness, so it softens up intense Scorpio in appealing ways.

[..] However, these Scorpios do need to be careful that they don’t withdraw too much. Pisces can’t bear disapproval, and Scorpio’s inclination to hide anyway can put them so far back in the cracks and crevices that people have a hard time knowing them at all. They’re secretive and not likely to announce their intentions, so from time to time their peers and colleagues misconstrue their motives—and if they don’t speak up to clarify things, they can easily find themselves misunderstood and isolated again. Plus, if they’re too comfortable in their solitude, their relationships suffer terribly. What happens if their ability to be helpful is compromised? If they’ll be courageous enough to risk rejection and disapproval, overcome their shyness, step up to the plate, and let people know where they’re coming from, they just might find someone eager to join them in creating more heaven on earth.

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