Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

You are an unusual person, idealistic, somewhat aloof from life in your viewpoint, tending to live in a philosophic world of your own. You are an idealist, and the world tends to confuse you somewhat. You feel injustice, inequality, hardness and coldness keenly, for you are warmhearted and affectionate and want nothing better than that men should live in peace. You are social-minded, eager to help others, and unable to understand why others are not eager to help you. You are willing to help yourself all right enough, but opportunity is lacking; a kind of visionary haze gets between you and reality, and you have difficulty getting going.

You are affectionate, loyal, sincere almost to a fault, with an expansive nature that makes people love you; you are proud and conscious of your own worth. You will do best in some idealistic professional pursuit – medicine, religion, law, public life – where you can put your idealism into practice as a dedicated public servant, in social work or in the arts, music, painting, poetry. You are somewhat too idealistic for business and probably would rebel at anything that you thought smacked of shrewdness or smartness. And what you disapprove of you will not do for all the money in the world. You like nice things, luxuries, and good times, but you won’t buy them at the price of your honor, and so, to your associates, you may seem too high-minded.

Grant Lewi

Sun in Scorpio – Moon in Sagittarius Personality

The Wanderlust Scorpion – The Sun in Scorpio – moon in Sagittarius man or woman is deeply curious about the world and life itself. They spend their whole lives grappling with existential questions about death and the universe. They ponder a lot and like to talk a lot as well. This sun moon combo is very opinionated but insightful. They love to learn and to teach and derive satisfaction from the miracle of discovery and self enrichment.

They may be interested in things such as metaphysics and new age thinking. Their spiritual side may compel them to travel to places of historical and religious significance and explore different ways of life around the world. They are true students of life and seek to expand and grow as a person and hopefully leave behind a legacy they can be proud of.


☉ Sun in Scorpio ☽ Moon in Sagittarius

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