Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising

Here comes insightful Scorpio, with a bevy of winning ways and maybe some dancing girls to boot! They’ve a celebrative disposition that sparks enthusiasm and has everyone following merrily along with wild anticipation. It’s an easy flow for these people to accentuate the positive, so Scorpios with sweet, optimistic Sagittarius rising can be Scorpio-powerful in an inspiring, winning, and convincing way. We’re likely to find them smack-dab in the middle of the winner’s circle! They’ve Scorpio’s dogged determination and investigative skill to get to the bottom of things; they’re always coming up with that invaluable piece of information that completes the puzzle, solves the mystery, and unlocks the door. But they dress it up and present it with a Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius smiley-face that projects a brightness, buoyancy, and cheerful enthusiasm that most other Scorpios find hard to come by. The Sagittarius personality’s winning ways are a boon to almost any sun sign, but especially for introspective Scorpios, who otherwise might be too intense, too intimidating, and unwilling to disclose themselves.

[..]They sometimes enjoy testing people, just to see if others can keep up; and they almost always win, but rarely with much grace. Thus, in their meaningless victory, they actually lose—because they’ve unwittingly compromised their delightful Sagittarius magic that wins friends and influences people, and they’ve adopted an inhibiting jealousy. No one enjoys a person who wins badly! There might even be some “get out of my way” impatience here that amounts to raw arrogance, undermining all the charm that Sagittarius’ winning ways provide the focused Scorpio ego. Scorpios born shortly after dawn need to roll up their sleeves and follow their glad-to-pitch-in instincts without allowing the work to become a contest. And if they cooperate rather than compete, their eternal insight coupled with their inherent ability to find the missing pieces will always make them deeply appreciated and profitably rewarded-because they’ve delivered the goods with a Sagittarius smile.

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