Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon

Your creative force is terrific, and whether it expresses itself in riotous emotions, a creative-executive type of business career, or in art, depends on how you utilize the enormous energy and magnetism that are yours. In its least desirable and most negative expression this leads to sensationalists, romantics, and love-affairists. You will have a powerful sex nature and will control your sweethearts utterly. It requires a strong degree of self-discipline for you not to dominate all those with whom you come into contact, for the cooperative spirit is not strong and the will-to-power, in personal matters, great. You are the rule or ruin sort, and if you run into someone you can’t rule, you are likely to fight with him, separate from him, then say unkind things about him.

When your devotion is fixed, you are capable of the extremes of loyalty. But it takes a strong and tactful person to hold you, and even then you require a good deal of flattery, for your vanity is great, and you like to be made to feel that you rule the roost – which, in one way or another, you pretty generally do. If you marry a person with pride in his own right (and you would despise anyone who didn’t have it) this trait is likely to lead to quarrels and separations. You have a quality of subjugating people and then despising them for being weak, which makes you a tough bird – to satisfy. Though desirous of personal and individual power, authority, and position, you aren’t ambitious in the worldly sense. Despite your powerful executive traits, you are more likely than not to refuse to enter the arena of competition in business or politics and to devote yourself to private satisfactions. This is a strong position for creative activity if you don’t waste your energies in conquering other people in romantic ways or use up your vitality in pride, anger, hatred, or contempt for the rest of the world. The missionary spirit is strong in you, and in high types you are a great preacher and reformer, having tremendous self-control and a despite for those who haven’t. You control yourself and others, having an easy, satisfying, and influential life.

Idealism misguided leads to trouble; the will to power rebounds to your disadvantage. The Scorpio symbolism is either the Scorpion or the Eagle – crawling the depths or soaring the heights – and you are well aware of the dual power of your nature. A sort of awareness of yourself and others is your outstanding quality and you see through people with a penetrating insight and a kind of accusing understanding that makes you an associate to be reckoned with, conciliated, and perhaps feared.

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