Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising

Double Scorpios function best when they’re left alone to do things their own way. And that works, because no one can keep up with them anyway. Plus, they’re intensely self-motivated, mostly because their guilt level soars if they don’t do the best job possible. So there’s really no need to supervise them. The sorts of hands-on management and direction that other people might find helpful or even reassuring is apt to be considered by double Scorpios as needless meddling. They don’t take well to what they perceive to be an invasion of their turf. They want enough space and privacy to go about their business in their own unseen way, and when things work to their advantage they use their investigative skills to quickly build a body of knowledge and otherwise hard-to-come-by data that affords them a great deal of job security. What’s happened is they’ve worked themselves into a position where they’re absolutely indispensable. They simply know too much, and they’ve got the goods on everyone. Whether it’s at home, at work, or at the PTA, these Scorpios have ferreted out the useful information that everyone else needs—it’s an unspoken understanding, and everybody knows it!

But, ironically, with too much intensity, Scorpios born around dawn can turn into the kinds of managers they themselves dislike. They’re godawful intense, they don’t deal well with disappointment, and because they don’t like to share information they have a hard time allocating work; they end up succumbing to the old “do-it-yourself” syndrome. They’re apt to be called back to the workplace long after they’ve finished their regular hours because no one else knows the combination to the vault or the codes for the new filing system. And if these Scorpios become too intolerant, rigid, and hyper-determined, they’ll be totally subjective about everything-and will find it difficult to keep things in perspective. Because they won’t lighten up and move along, every little molehill seems a mountain. And, suddenly, everything’s a crisis!

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