Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon

Your thoughts, emotions, plans, and aims are all on a wide and sweeping scale; you think in the grand manner, and everything you do is touched with a bigness of purpose; little things don’t interest you – small amounts of money, petty emotions, or little plans you simply don’t understand. If, with your grandeur of thought and plan, you can keep your feet on the ground, you will have remarkable material success, for you have good shrewd business judgment which, hitched to the high star of your aspirations, will take you far. If you don’t keep your feet on the ground, then your sweep of thought will take you into impractical realms of metaphysical speculation, mysticism, and the like. As a matter of fact, under any circumstances, you have a liberal dose of superstition. You believe in your luck, in signs, omens, and portents; you believe in your own magnetic powers with an almost devotional belief, and you are likely to have good luck charms around you, or to think some person brings good luck to you. You have a way of controlling people through your charm, a surface glamour of personality concealing the hard purposes beneath and winning people to your cause. You are an opportunist, a pragmatist-anything is right to you, if it works. You are not especially magnanimous. Your largeness of vision includes material plans and, in a sense, ideas and philosophies, but not personal dealings, in which you can be petty, vindictive, jealous, and grudge-holding. You are not a good loser, especially if loss involves what you consider loss of dignity; once you have made up your mind that something is going to happen, you take it as a personal affront if it doesn’t, even if the weather is to blame. You will sulk at a rainstorm that interferes with your plans just as if the rainstorm were bent on balking you. You have excessive pride and are a jealous and imperious lover, though not especially a constant one.

You are a judicial person, a stern and even harsh judge of your fellows, and not always inclined to temper justice with mercy; and you should remember, as you are scaling your heights and leaving the lesser ones behind, that there is a law of compensations, and that “with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” In personal and business matters there comes a day of reckoning, and when the chickens come home to roost, look out for the one that you shied a shoe at.

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