Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon

There is never any doubt about where you stand; your mental activity, your awareness of the world around you, and your willingness to express what you think and feel, color your opinions with an amazing honesty. Even when diplomacy may dictate restraint in expression, you know well enough what you are thinking. Whoever else you may be fooling, it isn’t going to be yourself. Your intellectual talents are marked, and so strongly personal is your outlook that some artistic career giving yourself personal expression is your best career medium. Your ambition is for expression, security, and personal recognition, rather than for power and authority; and whatever power you do achieve will be in influence over the minds of men, rather than in domination over their activities.

Awareness of the world makes you voluble in expression of political opinions. You are a reformer, but on the intellectual rather than the social plane; you want to make men think, and you’ll leave their feeding and governing to someone else. Emotionally, you are ardent and magnetic with a good deal of sex appeal. You have a curious kind of loyalty, which doesn’t prevent frequent strayings from the fold; but you generally come back again. You are magnetically attractive to others and can’t resist testing out your powers, which can get you into trouble, though you get out of it. You hate to have people prying into your private affairs and resist any attempt to ferret out your private life. On the other hand, you love to listen to gossip and even pass it on – not always with kindly intent. You can be very sharp-spoken when you like, capable of hating as well as loving. Your thrusts have a certain cold detachment about them that makes them the more effective, as if you scorn, rather than hate, the victim.

In any case, you are a highly critical person, both of other people and of abstract, artistic or literary matters. Something of a gourmet, loving food and drink and all the nice things of life, with an independence that does not run counter to the dictates of good taste and accepted usage. You have little sense of sin, but keen sense of public opinion, and generally manage to keep the good opinion of the world while you’re getting away with murder.

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