Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising

Scorpios with Virgo rising are often very stylish, sexually creatures with a relatively youthful appearance, but there’s always more to them than meets the eye. Beneath the exterior, their minds are always at work, analyzing, investigating, and discerning. When they blend their intuition and sensitivity with their intelligent understanding, their judgment is superb, and they end up as “the keeper of the keys” when it comes to privileged information. Virgo seldom misplaces anything, and Scorpio hides things well out of sight; they’re able to tuck away their secrets in a place that’s very private, but also right at their fingertips. Scorpio’s “need to know” merges with Virgo’s “need to know MORE,” creating a person who learns early in life how to glean a mountain of useful information from very small clues.

In the way a woman folds her napkin or the manner in which a man jingles his keychain, these Scorpios can read a lot about a person’s character, background, and motives—and they usually derive a sense of personal satisfaction from figuring out such things. But more than an entertaining diversion, this sort of investigative insight is extraordinarily useful when it’s aimed at solving problems and effecting improvements, and that’s exactly what these Scorpios do best. They’re extremely industrious, and they love to be helpful. Whatever their vocation or trade, they tend to do very heady work that requires a good eye for details: As carpenters, they might be known for their familiarity with unusual architectural styles; as physicians, they might specialize in generally unfamiliar fields. And their neat-as-a-pin Virgo personality guarantees that in each and every project, the minor details will not be overlooked.

Sun in Scorpio + Virgo Asc (rising sign)

Beyond these potential pitfalls, the Scorpio sun sign and the Virgo personality tend to complement one another quite well. For instance, some Virgo personalities are extremely critical, but with a Scorpio ego they’re more prone to keep things to themselves. While they’ll make their displeasure known, they usually do so in more discrete ways. In the end, if they’ll keep a leash on their unrealistic fears and suspicions, they’ll make their mark as both insightful and impeccable in all they do.

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