Second House

The second house is concerned with how we respond to or field whatever impulses or unique and personal qualities we manifest via our first house. This is how we hold or “have” things (possessions, material goods, money, and the like). The second house always refers to how we secure ourselves, the kind of response we get from life and those around us.

The 2nd house is the reaction of our life and environment to whatever was new in the 1st. It has to do with how our life changes because of, or in response to, this new energy. It has to do with how we adapt to, possess, or have something.

The twelfth house from third: hidden enemies of brothers and sisters, their accidents and their chronic diseases. Acts of sabotage against shipping companies. Journalists who write under a pseudonym. Editions of books compromised by faulty pattern. Garages.

House XI from IV: mother’s friends and hopes. People who like cemeteries.

House of the X from V: mother of children. Directories of schools and fashion houses. Dealers.

Ninth House from VI: servant’s long trips or transport of small animal. Long disease evolution. Servant’s faith and people’s religious spirit. Apostles. Intellectual missions overseas. Magic. Dreams caused by alcohol. Cuisines.

House VIII from VII: death, inheritance, legacy or suicide of a partner. Consequences of a divorce or a war. Death of a conflict: Peace.

Seventh house from eighth: inheritance fights. Concealers bodies. Eunuchs and urologists.

House VI from IX: Diseases of priests and magistrates. Employees in terms of locomotion: sailors, taxmen, railway managers etc. Employees schools, faculties of law and science. Lab workers. Small animals slaughtered for magic.

Fifth House from X: consequences of our actions. Father’s children, King’s children. Pleasures of people in high places. Rehabilitation of lost honor.

Fourth house from XI: mother of your friends, protectors and parliamentarians and their heritage. Tears of friendship. Family life of friends and supporters and their real estate wealth. Patrons of agriculture and crop yield.

Third house from XII: brothers and hidden enemies of black magicians. Annexes of a hospital or a prison. Short roads of hidden enemies. Memoirs of those in prison. Vans prison and hospital beds. Black magic books.

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