Sun in 5th House

With the Sun’s energy in the Fifth House, your personality drive may express itself through adventurous and perhaps speculative ventures. An inner restlessness craves an outlet through social, romantic, and daring action. Pleasure and amusement play an important role in your search for freedom of self-expression. The love motive may also be strong. The overriding need is for creative expression of your personal powers and abilities. This could be through leadership, art, sport, entertainment, New Age ventures or the use of modern technology. In this search you will cover a lot of ground and a wide range of interests. Children may play an important role in some way.

Character Profile.

The Sun in the 5th house of a natal chart will make the native a good performer. He will probably have a bunch of abilities, such as dancing, acting, singing – whatever that can get him noticed. Careers in arts are favored, especially when the Sun is aspecting Venus or Neptune. Moreover, such individuals are very good in recreational activities with children, they adore having fun with them. As a result, this natal placement can be prominent in teachers or other professions connected with kids, especially if the Sun sextile some planets in the 3rd house, that promote teaching as a profession.

You have a very dramatic, creative, expressive nature and you love to perform. You enjoy being the center of attention and you seek to shine, to excel, and to be outstanding in some unique way. You are very involved in your own creativity and self-expression, and take great pleasure in developing and using your special talents, whether these are artistic, athletic, or intellectual. You have a strong sense of pride.

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Sun in 5th House: Career and Character

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