Sun in 7th House

You are interested in relationships and you do better in life when you undertake tasks with others rather than pursue them alone. You love to share and you give yourself in great measure to your partner. You must learn not to put your objectives aside just because of your compliant nature. You will be successful with the associations that you form and also with people in general thanks to your good manners and charm.

This astrological position suggests eventual success in marriage. You should not hurry yourself nor let impatience get the better of you; the union will reach the promised success when you both have matured. You will choose an authoritative, strong and capable partner of whom you feel proud.

You are likely to win every judgment or legal litigation in which you find yourself involved.

Adult Report.

You invest a tremendous amount of your creative energy into your relationships with others, particularly your marriage or other close partnerships. You feel you need others in order to be all that you can be, and you are disinclined to solitary activities and endeavors.

Working with people on a one-to-one basis to bring about mutual understanding, harmony, and satisfaction is an area in which you can really excel. Counseling or negotiating are talents of yours.

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